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It is every author’s dream to see their work of art in bookstores and bookshelves. We not only aim to help you design and publish your books, we want to get your book out there so you can expand your reach and achieve your goals.

Our Services

Book Reviews

Getting your book reviewed by well-respected industry professionals is very essential to ensure your book’s impact to the market. This can ignite the interest of book enthusiast and lovers elsewhere.

Professional Editing

A well-groomed manuscript is always welcome in the tables of producers and has the better chance of landing a deal compared to those that are not edited and rigged with faulty grammar, erroneous punctuation and incoherent paragraphs. A poorly edited manuscript gives decision-makers the wrong impression that the writer is lazy or inexperienced and can injure a burgeoning career before it even starts.

Video Advertising

See your book come to life and leave a lasting mark in your reader’s mind with Universal  Media Firm’s professionally crafted, creative and entertaining Book Video Advertising services.

Audiobook Services

You’ve heard time and time again how the digital age is reshaping the way we do things—including enjoying a good book. So how can an author like you keep up with contemporary readers? One way is to offer them a more convenient option that caters to their multitasking ways—audiobooks.

Internet Based Advertising

Internet marketing helps you continue to grow your business. With the growth of technology, it’s crucial that you have an effective Internet marketing plan in place. Internet is becoming an invaluable tool to help you reach out to your potential audience on a grand scale. This can help you expand you’re your market from local to international marketplaces.

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Miriam Gray

“IT IS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! They have done a brilliant job! Thank you so much UMF for making my dream real!”

Alex White

“UMF has been an asset to my publishing career. There has been some problems my end and they have helped to resolve these issues. Prompt service courteously delivered make each call a pleasure. I’am very happy with UMF.”

James Swift

“My publisher Universal Media Firm, really helped me a lot in this journey. I’ve really appreciated the personal and professional touch, it’s been a breath of fresh air and I’ve been really listened too.”

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